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Calling vs Work

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How to find your own calling and catch the destiny’s tail?

Melinda can play tennis better than anybody. And Mark can bake like he is a God of cooking. And it seems like everyone can do something better than others, like everyone around has some kind of calling. Well, except for me. The number of all the hobbies I’ve tried is very close to an eight lying on its side. But did I find something I really liked? The answer is no.

That is why I started wondering how is it that everyone has some kind of thing to do, but I don’t. And the answer was very simple. As it turned out, Melinda has been playing tennis for 7 years already. Mark dreamed of becoming a chef since he was 11. They have tried to succeed many times, but they failed a lot. And only after tons of work they actually managed to achieve something.

And me? I gave up dancing after the first bruise, I stopped to draw after the first crooked figure and I gave my guitar to a friend after only two lessons that I considered to be very hard.

So it’s not about calling or destiny, it is simply about work.

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