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How to strike the iron

Motivational Quotes in English for every day
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How much do you know about hard times of life?

What do you usually do when the hard time comes in your colorful life?

And how about good moments? Do you believe that for every thing or activity in your life must be it’s own place? Are you sure that you recognize the best moment for something when it comes? And if not?

Yesterday, my colleague Serhii said me: «You have to expand your blog’s audience and start posting a content for English-speakers.»

«Sure, I know it. Maybe in future, when I will use English a little more confidently,»— was my answer.

But I knew in my soul that this is my excuse for a few last years. It was sad but it was.

This morning when I had been learning English, I came across a quote that changed my view. And now you are reading my first post in English.

Motivational quote about how to strike the iron

“Do not wait to strike until the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.”

© William B. Sprague

I haven’t time for doubts or fears. I don’t want to wait to strike until the iron is hot — I want to make it hot by my striking.

Keep yourself inspired!

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