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Is creativity always useful?

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People are really creative. Especially when it comes to excuses.

«I haven’t got the time»;

«I don’t have to do it»;

«I can manage it tomorrow»;

«I’m not feeling well»;

«I am busy now»;

«I want to relax, but I will work later»;

«I’ve already done a lot today, so I can relax».

Or, one of my personal favorites: «Someone said this paper was due Friday, not tomorrow».

Well, there are a lot of reasons we are saying that to ourselves. But, usually, two of the main ones are: laziness and problems with time management. I get it. We all would gladly spend time doing some cool things we like, but the work has to be done.

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Поделись с другом — получи +100 к Карме


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